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Since 1984 Chesapeake Plant Service has been dedicated to creating beautiful environments for our residential and commercial clients. Our family based business is committed to making your world more beautiful, and long relationships with our customers are a testament to our commitment to service.

We pride ourselves on our extensive network of dealers and suppliers, which allows Chesapeake Plant Service to bring you the best possible value with the latest designs. Our experienced and dedicated staff have the knowledge and skills to craft the ideal space for your style and budget. We always hand select the most mature, appropriate plant materials to create sustainable landscape designs that flourish in your environment.

Improving the look of your landscaping can be an excellent value for your investment. If you’re ready to create a lasting impact with your landscaping, contact Chesapeake Plant and Landscaping Services today.


The first step in a beautiful landscape is great design. Chesapeake Plant Service excels in creating singular designs specifically for your site, incorporating the latest materials knowledge with a strong aesthetic sensibility to make your vision for your landscape a reality. We don’t just put out plants, we create living environments that are ecologically appropriate and beautiful, too.

Some of our Landscape Design Services include:

Landscape Design and Installation

Planning your landscaping is more than just creating a beautiful look. You need to understand the needs of the site and its ecology to create a landscape that not only looks good but lasts. Chesapeake Plant Service does that, with site specific commercial and residential designs that are as easy to care for as they are beautiful. We also create key areas for seasonal plantings.

Commercial & Residential Planters

Our experience with sourcing, design, and installation of planters keeps us among the best in the business. Choosing the right style of planter, soil, and plants will maximize color and performance throughout the season. Using planters in shopping centers and business parks defines entrances, create soft barriers for seating, and brightens paved surfaces. Planters placed around home properties offer sanctuary for cozy areas and brings color out of the garden.

Irrigation Design and Installation

When you’ve gone to the trouble of creating the perfect landscape design, you want to make sure you water it properly to keep it alive. We custom design and install site specific irrigation systems that are right for your landscape, using the latest techniques, tools and materials to ensure you get the best system for your needs.

Keeping your property looking its best should be effortless and enjoyable

Chesapeake Plant Service provides complete property maintenance to ensure that your landscape looks great all year round. Our goal is always to ensure the most beautiful look for your landscape. We are equipped to maintain your flowers and landscaping as often as necessary. Our property maintenance services include:

  • Landscaping Design
  • Garden Planning & Maintenance
  • Mowing & Lawncare
  • Irrigation Management
  • Planters & Flower Maintenance
  • Snow and Ice Control & Removal
  • Spraying for Deer Foraging Control

We can create lasting installations that do more than just look good

Our designs meet the challenge of your climate and terrain with a variety of materials and techniques. We know when it comes to installing hardscaping, the details matter. That’s why our driveways, patios, retaining walls, seating, and decorative walls and stairways feature unique elements specific to your site and your style.

Certified Segmented Retaining Wall Installer by NCMA: National Concrete Masonry Association

Certified Paver Installer by ICPI: Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Whether you need a Christmas display in your foyer or a completely decorated commercial space, Chesapeake Plant and Landscaping Services can manage your holiday decorating. Services include:

  • Commercial display installation
  • Residential design & installation
  • Exterior tree lighting
  • Christmas, Easter and Fall Scenery a specialty


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